Hello and welcome.

Life is more stressful than ever in our culture right now and we all have conditioning that makes this stress even more difficult and overwhelming to navigate.

Yet parallel to this stress is the presence of clarity, abundance and serenity. I can help guide you back into a place of feeling rooted and grounded where you truly begin to embody what it feels like to know your own worthiness and value. This is your birthright!  

It takes a lot of courage to take the steps of seeking therapy. I provide a warm and nonjudgmental atmosphere for you to explore thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that you are questioning. Some of the reasons people come to therapy include:  

  • Lack of trust of others and self

  • Feeling stuck or immobilized

  • Tired of that critical voice

  • Feeling like your voice doesn’t matter

  • Trauma

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Repeating negative behavior over and over

  • Worrying about the future

  • Not being able to say “no”

  • Not valuing yourself

  • Life transitions