I can’t guarantee that therapy will work for everyone. However, what I can promise is my full faith in the potential of the transformative process that therapy offers.

The full faith I have in the therapeutic process is a direct result of my own magical healing journey. Knowing myself from the inside out has resulted in swimming in smooth waters of self-compassion, self-love and being reconnected with my own divine vitality. Being re-connected to my whole self empowers me to have the freedom to make conscious choices in each moment about where I direct my energy.

My education and clinical training, decades of lived experience, including being a parent, and my own personal spiritual awakening inform my work with clients. I believe we all have the inherent bodymind wisdom to heal and give ourselves what we need in each moment. However, our conditioning creates thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that block our ability to access and trust this wisdom. Our culture tells us who we are supposed to be, everything from what the definition of personal success is to how much we are supposed to weigh. Such freedom to challenge these “supposed to-s” and know our own truth!

As a kind and compassionate therapist I can walk solidly with you on your own unique journey to move through the obstacles in your life that prevent you from hearing your own truth. We are hardwired for interdependence and all need someone we can trust to see us for who we really are and reflect this back to us. I can hold a safe space as you discover who you truly are, your passions, longings, needs and wants. We will work together to uncover lost parts of self that need to feel whole again as you give yourself the gift of re-connecting with the one that has been there for you your whole life.